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White Dove Ministry

Christian Music, Radio,Social Networking and Inspirational Sites

Meet The Team

Denny Steer a committed Christian loves helping others achieve their ambitions.

This site is part of a suite of sites aimed at helping individuals in any part of the world, from any belief or non-belief system of any gender or sexual orientation, rich or poor we are reaching out to ALL.  

Denny owns, designed and maintains the websites and with help from other members of the team hopes that in the coming months and years it will become a respected and well visited non judgemental set of sites.

To this end all revenue produced by way of advertising, web design, third party sermons etc will go to help a Charity we support Ethioiaid

If you would like to see other features please get in touch, give some input to our forums and tell others about us particularly emerging Christian singers and bands.  Denny owns various Record Labels and can often help with the musical careers of artists so let them know.

We would love you to sign our Guestbook and let us know which part of the world you are from.

Denny Steer

Bruce S Hodges

Bruce S Hodges

Profile Details will appear here soon

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